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Life Coaching & Supervision with Caroline

I specialise in working with Adults who are feeling stuck, low, or out-of-balance; Many clients are experiencing some kind of challenge, change or transition, and need to consider making positive changes. In working together, we move from where you are now, to exploring possibilities, and making them into real options.

I also offer Supervision to Coaches, to debrief, enhance practise, develop skills and make sense of what comes up.

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I am an experienced Life Coach, who specialises in working with Adults who aren’t yet living the life they want.

Often, we get stuck in our ways, or we run around like headless chickens, trying to do too much. Does every day feel a bit like Groundhog Day? Do you try and whack-a-mole to get all your chores and tasks done?

We don’t get time to think, enjoy or take care of ourselves, because we are so busy doing everything for everyone else. We burn out, are unhappy, become unwell, or simply feel unfulfilled. A friend told me recently that she was “just so bored”… with her life.

So many of the Clients I Coach struggle with issues like:

  • Setting and Keeping to Boundaries, Burnout,

  • realising their Values and Identity, Motivation,

  • Relationship or Friendship issues, Perspective, Confidence, Decision Making, and Prioritising,

  • Making & Implementing Changes, Finding Balance,

  • Navigating Work and Life,

  • Health & Wellbeing,

All while juggling the demands of Work, sometimes Parenthood and being an Adult on top of it all. 

I have worked with people of all abilities, all religions, races, sexual orientations, and more recently with clients who are neurodivergent. 

 I LOVE listening to Clients, finding out where they are, working at their pace, and supporting them to make the changes they need, to live a happier, balanced and more fulfilled life.

I have supported many Adults with work and career, Return to Work, following leave or absence. This can be a time where we feel out of our depth, both at work, and trying to figure out the new-norm for home life. 

I also offer Supervision for Coaches; the focus is development, support and skills in practise. It can also be about business development, observations, assurance, challenge and new perspective. 

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"Caroline’s support proved indispensable during a transitionary period in both my personal and professional life. Having had two babies in quick succession and subsequently moved from a long-standing and busy corporate job to setting up my own business, I was looking to put structure in place that allowed me to balance parenthood with a new career. Caroline’s methodology allowed me to see answers to my questions and come to my own conclusions about how to structure a new life. She provided the guidance and steadying hand I needed to navigate toward solutions. I found life coaching to be a powerful tool and Caroline herself to be a warm and collaborative partner in an enriching process."

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London, UK


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About Me

I am a mum, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a Doula, and a Life Coach – I have been working for over 25 years with Adults & Families, supporting Parents through the Postnatal period and beyond.

I am really passionate about working with people, giving them time, and holding space.

In my previous career, I was a Children and Families Social Worker. I have supported Parents in West London and surrounds for over 15 years, in a variety of capacities, and it excites me to continue working with Adults to grow, change and move in the directions they each desire, and to embrace the present wholeheartedly.

I love walking in all weathers, spending time in nature, traveling, reading, and playing Board Games. I also enjoy Musicals, and quiet time with my house rabbit, and my family too!

I Coach online, meeting Clients at times that work around their schedules. Usually, we agree to sit without distraction, or we agree to Walk & Talk.

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