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The Power of Perspective

I have a lovely friend who, when her daughter was learning to play the piano, encouraged her to practise the regular way. But, then, taught her to also read

the music backwards. She felt it was a cool way to train your brain, to play tricks on yourself, and to really test that the music could be read in all directions.

At the time I thought she was bonkers.

But it has stuck with me, and now, some 10 years later, I find myself thinking more and more about this.

We tend to look at things straight on. And rightly so. I need to look ahead and side to side when I cross the road, it’s to protect myself, a safety mechanism, I suppose.

Even when I examine food before consuming it, I just look at it. Others might sniff it, or lick it or dip a finger in to feel it. Again, these are likely to be some kind of ways to ensure that the food we are about to devour isn’t off.

So why, when we come up against an issue or feeling that doesn’t sit well with us, do we tend to focus on it in only one way?

In working with my Coaching Clients, Parents and other Adults, I encourage them to spill the beans on whatever topic is at the fore. We really dive deep into it, empty it all out. And then we think about the why, the who, the what, and try and get to the root cause.

In examining things more closely, we try and hold a mirror up to the issue, look at it from another viewpoint, consider what it might look like upside down, or how one might read it back to front. Really thinking about it from all angles.

If you are stuck on an issue, or a feeling is just not shifting, really spin things around. Paint it pink. Hold it upside down. Smash it into tiny pieces and put it back together again. It will look, sound, feel, taste and smell different, I assure you.

In doing this work, please be kind to yourself. Work with, or talk it all through, with someone you trust, someone who gets it. Taking care of yourself needs to be nearer to the top of the list, to be able to function well (or better) in most other areas.

Time for yourself isn’t selfish, it’s absolutely essential. Like car maintenance, or dental hygiene. If you neglect it, things decay, turn rotten, or simply don’t switch on.

Caroline is a Life Coaching specialising in Working with Parents and other Adults who feel the need to make some changes, work towards greater fulfilment at home or at work, and generally to achieve more balance and satisfaction. Caroline has worked with families for over 20 years in supportive roles, and hold space in a compassionate, open and authentic way. Get in touch to learn more about working together.

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